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  • Is pottery porous?
    Some pottery may be porous, especially lower-fired pieces. For example, Raku and other alternative methods of fired work may not be suitable to hold water. Always test pottery ware by standing it on paper and a waterproof surface, and leave overnight. If the paper is wet, the work is not watertight.
  • Raku
    Raku pieces are not suitable to hold water due to the firing methods which renders the clay permeable or porous. The surface of Raku can change over time due to reoxidation of the elements used within the glaze. Although your purchased Raku will reach you sealed against reoxidation, it is advisable to reseal it every few months.
  • Making pottery watertight
    If you find the pottery leaks, there are a few options to help make the piece watertight. Insert watertight sleeve inside the vessel to hold the water. Various sealants may be used on the bast of the pottery, for example, beeswax block. All sealants should be tested prior to use.
  • Can I have a printable Voucher instead of an E Card?
    If you would prefer to recieve a larger voucher for a gift instead of an E Card you can. Just email at and we can send you a colourful version for printing off or one in the post.
  • Can I cancel, postpone or get a refund after I have paid for my pottery experience?
    Once your pottery making and throwing experience has been paid for, cancellations, postponements and refunds are not possible.
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