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Decorative Clay Tiles: Craft, Create, and Incorporate!

Are you eager to add a unique touch to your space? Dive into the beautiful world of decorative clay tiles with us at PotteryDayz! Not only are they a joy to craft, but their versatility in design and use can breathe new life into your home, garden, and creative projects.

1. Crafting Your Clay Tiles

Materials Required:

Clay (earthenware or stoneware)

Rolling pin or slab roller

Tile cutters or sharp knife

Stamps, stencils, or carving tools

Glazes and underglazes



a. Preparing the Clay:

Begin with kneading the clay to remove air bubbles, ensuring it's pliable and ready to shape. This process, known as wedging, will give you a smooth starting point.

b. Rolling Out:

Using a rolling pin or a slab roller, roll out the clay to your desired thickness, usually between 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

c. Cutting Shapes:

Using tile cutters or a sharp knife, cut the clay into squares, rectangles, or any shape you fancy. Keep in mind the shrinkage rate of your clay (typically 5-12%) as they will become slightly smaller after firing.

d. Designing:

Now's the time to get artistic! Use stamps, stencils, or carving tools to imprint patterns, designs, or even freehand drawings onto your tile.

e. Drying:

Allow your tiles to dry slowly and evenly. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the thickness and humidity.

f. Firing:

Once bone-dry, your tiles need to be bisque fired in a kiln. After bisque firing, apply your chosen glazes or underglazes, and then glaze fire them to seal and shine.

2. Using Your Decorative Clay Tiles

The beauty of decorative tiles is the myriad ways you can incorporate them into your surroundings.

a. Kitchen Backsplash:

Transform your kitchen into an artistic masterpiece with tiles that reflect your personal style. Go for vibrant hues or minimalist patterns—the choice is yours!

b. Garden Stepping Stones:

Give your garden pathways a whimsical touch by using your tiles as stepping stones or even as decorative accents amidst plants.

c. Table Coasters:

Perfect for a rustic home setting, your tiles can be used as coasters, ensuring functionality meets artistry.

d. Wall Art:

Frame a collection of your tiles to create a stunning piece of wall art. It's a conversation starter and a testament to your craftsmanship.

e. Personalized Gifts:

Nothing beats the charm of a handcrafted gift. Make sets for family and friends, and watch their eyes light up with delight.

3. Join the PotteryDayz Community

If you're just starting on this journey or looking for advanced techniques, PotteryDayz offers a myriad of workshops catering to all levels. With expert guidance, quality materials, and a vibrant community of pottery enthusiasts, you're not just crafting tiles but memories and experiences.


Decorative clay tiles combine the joys of creation with the thrills of decoration. They're more than just pieces of art; they're snippets of the creator's soul and passion. Whether it's about adorning your own space or gifting someone a piece of your heart, the art of making clay tiles is bound to be a fulfilling journey. Join us at PotteryDayz and let's shape dreams, one tile at a time.

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