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What happens in a pottery workshop?

(Pottery classes in Northamptonshire)

Firstly, the main objective of your pottery workshop is to help you as much as possible to produce a pot or pots by the end of the workshop. Is this possible you may ask in such a short amount of time? Well, the answer is yes because of the way I go about coaching you to throw on the wheel. The friendly formula of how I teach you means that 99% of pottery students who visit Potterydayz do indeed create a pot, or more. If you produce a pot you then return to the studio and glaze your pot and collect it when it has gone through the final firing; all included in the low price of your workshop.

Your pottery workshop will commence with a friendly introduction and a run down of what to expect carried out by myself. You are encouraged to ask questions as much as you wish during the workshop as the workshops are small and intimate, never more than 8 students so there is always plenty of time for 1:1 advice from me as the workshop progresses. The atmosphere is friendly, light-hearted and purposeful.

Being on the wheel and gaining throwing experience is of prime importance and, so that you can get on the wheel quickly and make the most of your time we commence with a short demonstration by me as to how to start the throwing process. Centering and coning are techniques that you will see being done by me and then you will get straight on the wheel and start creating your own pot, practising these important techniques. As you practise, I am close by to oversee how you execute the techniques you have learned and to offer advice. At this point some students will feel a little nervous. However, it doesn’t take long for most students to relax and get into the zone. Once you allow yourself to relax you will find that the therapeutic aspects of making pottery become apparent and you will be feeling good.

Complete beginners find that this type of workshop is a great introduction to pottery throwing and they leave with a good idea of how to get pottery as a new pastime off the ground. I also cater for intermediate and advanced potters. Many potters these days are looking to turn their pottery making into a side hustle so coming to workshops run by me who has over 30 years’ experience will assist you in raising your level of pottery expertise and making your business more profitable.

Please get in contact if you have any questions about our workshops; call, email or DM me and we will be happy to respond swiftly.

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