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Who are our customers?

Who are our customers?

From beginners on the throwing wheel to advanced throwers on the pottery wheel, we can cater for all and we like to do it with lots of fun thrown in!

If you have ever considered learning how to throw pots come and join us and be taught by a true professional, Richard Gibson, who has over 30 years’ experience to share with you. One of the comments that often arises in his customers’ reviews of his teaching skills is that he has endless patience and makes the whole experience fun but also a great learning experience.

At Richard’s purpose made studio you will feel comfortable and warm and you will really get great value for money.

Richard has people who come to him wanting to learn how to throw for all sorts of reasons.

He has often catered for groups of excited hens, giving their bride-to-be a fun time to relax her nerves before the big day. Cultured stag parties are just as welcome to come as a great alternative to ‘the pub’!

Many parents have taken advantage of Richard’s especially low rates for parent and child workshops. It really is a fantastic opportunity to persuade your child (from 7 years up to 15 years) that there is life beyond their mobile phone. So many young people have found that learning pottery skills motivates them to start a whole new pastime that, who knows, could even turn into a career path.

Richard particularly enjoys it when family groups (up to six people) come that are a mixture of generations. It is most heartening to see grandads and grandmas collaborating with the youngsters in the family at a pottery lesson.

Of course pottery throwing can also be a romantic experience and many couples come as a result of a surprise birthday treat or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, particularly the 7th anniversary which is pottery!

Learning to make pots is also a very popular item on people’s bucket lists and Richard has helped many an adventurer tick pottery off their bucket list!

As well as giving lessons in the ‘private’ sector Richard also gets many requests from businesses. Businesses like to use a pottery throwing workshop to help their staff become more cohesive and what better activity can their be for team building than learning to throw?

As well as team building many businesses use pottery workshops as a treat and a special thank you to their staff for all of their hard work.

By the way, if you are a budding Etsy or Shopify entrepreneur then coming along to learn how to make beautiful pots could be the start of a wonderful, fulfilling business for you as ceramics are so in demand as gifts throughout the year.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to learn to throw come to the best teacher in town and get making pots you can be proud of.

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